Sunday, September 28, 2008

Asset Accumulation for the Business Owner

Smart business owners use life insurance as an essential means to protect their businesses but they also use life insurance as a vehicle to accumulate cash and future retirement income.

Life insurance policies offer a unique combination of death benefits and tax advantages available in no other financial product. These advantages include tax deferred growth as well as the potential to access policy cash values without paying taxes via withdrawals and policy loans.

Additionally cash value inside a life insurance policy may be protected from creditors making it an especially effective tool for business owners to use to grow their assets. For more information on accumulating cash inside a life insurance policy CONTACT US by submitting the quick contact form.

There are many policy choices available including traditional whole life insurance as well as variable and equity indexed universal life policies. The type of business owner life insurance policy to use depends on the desired objectives of the business or business owner.

At Assure-All we have senior level advisors with decades of experience in guiding business owners towards success. Visit our Businesss Owner Page and submit the contact form for assistance.


Maaira said...

Today, even if you are insulin dependent, you may be able to find affordable life insurance for diabetics through a highly-rated life insurance company that specializes in finding diabetics the best plan and price for life insurance protection.

Tee Chess said...

Many people feel that life insurance should be taken only when you get older, but in reality life insurance taken at a young age provides extra benefits. There are so many benefits besides the death benefit because of which people prefer to buy it. I think everyone should plan for it.
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